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Get to know Puertas | Arquitetura e Construções and find out why we are your best option in architecture and constructions.

Puertas | Arquitetura e Construções, in more than 15 years of history and 500.000m² of successful cases offers services from the elaboration of corporate and residential architecture projects to the implementation of construction works. The main goal is to guarantee that the services overcome

the client’s expectations, by personalizing each space  based on each one’s profile and preferences. With a solid foundation that establishes convenience, peace of mind and satisfaction as priority, Puertas has a track record of high commitment to deadlines, price and support, which leads to recognition and 

high credibility in the market. The main goal of Puertas is the execution of each stage of our projects with effectiveness, transparency and the necessary care in order to guarantee each client’s satisfaction.


Satisfaction from start to finish. Excellence in performance from the bureaucratic part to the delivery of the keys.

Corporate Projects

Architecture and construction of offices and corporate facilities.

Implementation of Works

Orientation and support for civil construction projects.


We offer extremely detailed spreadsheets, presenting all the details of the project regarding bidding.

Residential Projects

Architecture and construction works for residence, ambience and outdoor areas.

Works Management

After implementation, the construction works are managed from start to finish.

Resource Management

We guarantee maximum performance based on efficient resource management.


Find out how Puertas | Arquitetura e Construções can contribute to your project


With experienced vision and partnership with real estate companies, Puertas | Arquitetura e Construções offers support in the search for space through the mapping of concrete possibilities  and prospection of new ones, besides the provision of support and orientation in decision-making.


Concepts, trends and style, as well as technical guidelines, sustainable an legal up to construction details are the guarantee of effective service that achieves the client’s expectations. Puertas assures the smooth functioning of each stage, taking responsibility for the coordination of the projects.


For your complete satisfaction and in search of the best cost-deadline-support environment, Puertas guarantees projects, timetables and budgets in addition to offering partnership with total focus on the client and guaranteed transparency under contract validation.


All the process and documentation of each project is available at in online management system to which the client has full access. This way, all parties receive the same information, which is extremely beneficial to the progress of the projects.


A big first step towards the perfect progress of a project. Puertas offers total transparency in bidding processes, free of statistic numbers through extremely detailed spreadsheets and provision of all the values of each stage.


Get to know some of the national and international projects developed transparently and efficiently.


Being part of the history of our clients and having them in ours is what we are most proud of.


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